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2012 Pharmacy Workforce Report Underway

17 August 2011

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is pleased to announce plans to produce a 2012 Global Pharmacy Workforce Report that will be developed with World Health Organization (WHO) collaboration and to be published provisionally in August 2012. This report will disseminate evidence-based information needed for planning, policies and strategies to strengthen pharmaceutical human resource education, recruitment, retention and performance.  This report will build on previous reports published by FIP in 2006 and 2009. This will be an important report that not only provides new evidence but also advocates for the need to address pharmaceutical human resources issues.

A key part of previous reports and the 2012 report will be case studies that give insights into what strategies have been used in different countries to address workforce challenges and what impact these strategies have had.  We would like to hear your ideas for key themes/stories for the report case studies.

What pharmaceutical human resource issues are important to you?  What challenges, pharmaceutical human resources development stories, and workforce strategies do you think would be important to include a focus on or to learn about?  These could be on a particular aspect of pharmacy workforce development (eg – workforce planning, recruitment and retention, continuing education, performance improvement etc) in a particular country or mix of countries, or in an area (eg – HIV, non-communicable diseases, pharmaceutical care, supply chain management etc).

All ideas and suggestions are invited and we look forward to hearing from you soon.  Please send your ideas to this group or to Diane Gal ( by August 20th.

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